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Could you use a Personal Loan?

Life throws us all kinds of situations that leave us seeking financial help to overcome. Unexpected medical expenses, weddings, home improvements or repairs are just a few of the things that can leave us strapped for cash. Credit cards offer a quick fix to some of these problems but they never really solve them. Rising rates and compounding interest cause credit cards to contribute to the problem rather than solve it, more often than not. This is where a personal loan can provide real help for a lasting solution.

Since 2008, Plush Funding has helped tens of thousands of clients like you obtain personal loans for numerous different purposes. Although we have programs for all credit types and ratings, good to excellent credit will guarantee you the absolute lowest rate available for your loan.

Lowest Personal Loan Rate as of 3/29/2016: 5.79% APR!

We have lenders and programs available to accommodate nearly every situation. NO collateral required means you do not have to put up your home, vehicle or assets in order to obtain a loan. Payment terms between 1 and 7 years offer the ability to aggressively repay your loan at the lowest possible cost, or the flexibility of a lower payment to reduce your monthly expenses.

Personal loan proceeds can be obtained in as little as 48 hours. Applying for up to $100,000 takes as little as 90 seconds! So whatever the reason for your funding search, let Plush Funding get to work to get you the cash you need!

Our Loan Benefits

100% Unsecured Funds.
Minimal Paperwork Required.
Funded Within a Few Days
Approvals Within 24 Hours
Flexible payment schedule.
Easy, no-obligation application
  • What is a personal loan?

    A personal loan is a type credit agreement in which an individual (borrower) obtains money from an institution (lender) under an installment contract. Personal loans can be a valuable financial tool to be used to consolidate high rate credit card debt, make home improvements or take a vacation. When a borrower obtains a personal loan, they make an agreement to pay back the loan amount (principle) plus interest for a set period of months (the loan term).
  • What is the maximum I can borrow?

    The loan amount you may be eligible for is determined by many factors. Plush Funding can provide you with an accurate quote for funding within 24 hrs. of applying. The minimum loan amount is $5,000 and many of our applicants are able to qualify for up to $100,000.
  • Are there anyprepayment fees?

    No. None of the personal loan programs we work with have any prepayment penalties.
  • Will my credit be affected?

    To check the rates and terms you qualify for, Plush Funding conducts a soft credit pull that will not affect your credit score. However, if you choose to accept funding the lender will request a full credit report from one or more consumer reporting agencies in order to fully verify the application and your identity.
  • How long to receive the funds?

    After you have completed the initial application process and received loan offers. Lenders may ask to verify certain pieces of information for the protection of your identity. Once your information has been reviewed and verified, lenders generally make funds available in 1 to 5 business days.
Getting a small business loan from the banks was impossible. Taking an online loan from Plush Funding to buy additional inventory, was quick, simple and straight-forward.
David Kimble: WCMS Solutions
Having a small business loan from Plush Funding allowed me to take advantage of a bulk pricing opportunity to get additional inventory for my growing business
Ellina Willaims: Big Tents & Domes
Plush Funding was the easiest and most flawless process of obtaining a loan that I have ever experienced. Their friendly staff made the process so easy!
Thomas Henderson: MariJinc
The online process with Plush Funding was simple and allowed us to fulfill a significant contract while waiting on payment from the client. Kudos to the team!
Mike Rose: 3FX Media

Plush Funding has helps thousands of clients and funded over $750 million in loans since 2008. Plush has established itself as a leader in the highly specialized unsecured credit market. Apply with us today and one of our friendly representatives could be contacting you with loan terms within 24 hours!

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